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19 Oct 2022

Issue of the Unified Murmansk Region’s Card Was Launched

The Unified Murmansk Region’s Card project was officially launched in the Murmansk Region. Starting October 17, 2022, the project partner banks started issuing the Region’s Card based on Mir Payment System.
18 Oct 2022

A Mir Card Can Serve as a Kuzbass Card with Bonuses Provision at the Ski Resort

An agreement entered into by and between Vladimir Komlev, Chief Executive Officer of Mir Payment System, and Sergey Tsivilev, Governor of the Kemerovo Region (Kuzbass), opens up this option for the residents. The Kuzbass Card will be a universal payment and service instrument with extra bonuses for the Kuzbass residents.
14 Oct 2022

Mir Is Going to the Kazan Metro: Kazan Residents Will Be Able to Save on the Fare Paid with National Cards on Their Smartphones

Starting October 15, each and every trip on the Kazan Metro paid with a smartphone with a Mir card added will cost passengers RUB 7.00 less amounting to RUB 24.00.
27 Sep 2022

Now Tips Can be Given in the Netmonet Service via the Faster Payments System

Now tips can be given via the Faster Payments System (FPS) in Netmonet, Russia’s tipping service owned by Alfa-Bank.
08 Sep 2022

IT Conference for Fintech Specialists (ITalks)

On September 19, Mir Plat.Form  (IT brand of National Payment Card System) will hold an IT conference for fintech specialists named ITalks.