Turkey Starts Accepting Mir Cards

Turkey Starts Accepting Mir Cards

İşbank has become the first bank in Turkey to accept Mir cards at its ATMs and Point-of-Sale Terminals.

İşbank has become the first bank in Turkey to accept Mir cards at its ATMs and Point-of-Sale Terminals. Thanks to the mutual cooperation, by the time the tourism season starts, Mir cards will be accepted at 10,000+ online stores, as well as more than 400,000 merchants and more than 6,500 ATMs of İşbank, which has the widest acquiring network in Turkey.

To date, Russian banks have issued over 56 million Mir cards.

Vladimir Komlev, the CEO of NSPK (Mir Payment System operator), said:

“For many years, Turkey has been one of the most popular tourist destinations for the Russians: over 5.8 million Russian citizens visited it in 2018 alone. Thanks to our collaborative effort with one of the major Turkish acquiring banks, İşbank, its device network will be ready to accept Mir cards by the time this holiday season starts, so that Russian cardholders can perform all the usual transactions”.

İşbank’s Deputy Chief Executive Yalçın Sezen said:

“Due to accepting Mir cards by our bank in Turkey, the collection by cards of Russian guests will get easier at our merchants serving in many fields such as transportation, tourism and retail. On the e-commerce side, thanks to this collaboration, we will make it possible for our local producers to quickly access the Russian market and increase their transaction volumes on this market thanks to our fast and safe acquiring services. We attach significant importance to cross-border payments according to our perspective on electronic commerce. In order to integrate Turkish enterprises into the global system, we put forth a special effort to support the payment solutions related to the sales of goods and services via online channels.

By incorporating Mir cards into the İşbank system, we also provide our Russian guests with the convenience of purchasing airline tickets, hotel booking, shopping and meeting their cash needs 24/7 with our extensive country-wide ATM network.

This collaboration between İşbank and Mir, which brings Turkish merchants and Russian consumers closer, has great importance. I think that this cooperation will allow us to enhance and facilitate the trade, increase e-commerce volumes between Russia and Turkey, and perform settlement using local currencies through national payment system”.

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