Sberbank of Russia Acceded to MIR Payment System Loyalty Program

27 September 2018

As of today, holders of MIR cards issued by Sberbank of Russia can return part of money spent for a purchase having made this purchase with a MIR card at the program partners. A cashback amount depends on conditions of a particular partner. Any holder of the MIR card issued by Sberbank of Russia can participate in the program and receive cashback after signing up with

Svetlana Kirsanova, Director of the Acquiring and Bank Cards Division of Sberbank of Russia:
“As of the current day, we have issued over 26 million MIR cards. In addition to cashback, our customers will continue to receive bonuses of the SPASIBO from Sberbank Loyalty Program”.

Maxim Lazyrin, Chief Commercial Officer of NSPK (MIR Payment System operator):
"Accedence of Sberbank of Russia, the largest issuer of national payment cards, to our loyalty program is a major advance for millions of MIR cardholders. Now they can take all advantages of making payments with MIR cards and reap twofold benefits after making purchases at all program partners, which include cashback from partner merchants and bonuses accrued by the bank.”   

For detailed conditions and geography of the program, as well as the list of partners of the MIR Payment System Loyalty Program, visit