Russians Preferred Sports Clubs and Aquariums to Theaters and Cinemas

18 June 2018

Buying Activity

According to NSPK, the increase in payment for water transport (boat rental, boat trips, etc.) accounted for 14 percentage points for the weekend of June 10-12 against the weekend of May 19-21, for visits to sports clubs and fitness centers – 13.8 percentage points, for visits to aquariums and dolphinariums – 6 percentage points. However, the majority of all transactions in each of these categories were performed at the weekend of June 10-12.

When visiting sports clubs and fitness centers, cardholders spent an average of RUB 7,572; for river cruises and rent of water sports equipment, they spent RUB 1,982, and in dolphinariums/aquariums they spent an average of RUB 1,032.

Buying activity also increased in the specified period when paying for tickets in cruise companies, visiting tourist attractions, amusement parks: the increase was 5.8, 6 and 5.2 percentage points, respectively, and the average spend was RUB 6,657, 945 and 3,105.

Payment History

A distinctive feature of this period in 2018 was an increase in interest in water activities. Thus, compared to a year earlier buying activity demonstrated a record increase by 134% when visiting dolphinariums and aquariums. Buying tickets for river cruises and rent of water transport became more popular by 89%. However, interest in sports immediately before the public holidays was lower by 29% than in 2017.

There was a drop in purchase interest in other categories: the number of purchases at ticket offices decreased by 3% YoY; in cinemas Russians spent by 11% less than a year earlier.   

Pick-up in buying activity shortly before the celebration of the Russia Day fell on June 8-12. It is noteworthy that at this time the number of purchases in all categories was increasing.

The analysis was prepared on the basis of interbank transactions of Russian cardholders of different payment systems in the period from May 19 to June 12.