Rostelecom and NSPK Will Jointly Develop the Unified Biometric System in the Payment Services Market

14 October 2019

At the Forum of Innovative Financial Technologies Finopolis held in Sochi on October 9-11, 2019, Rostelecom PJSC and National Payment Card System JSC (NSPK, Mir Payment System Operator, operations, payment and clearing center of the Instant Payment System) entered into a bilateral agreement for cooperation in the use of biometric technologies for payment services in the Russian Federation. The document was signed by the President of Rostelecom Mikhail Oseevskiy and the Chairman of the Management Board, Chief Executive Officer of NSPK Vladimir Komlev.

The document is aimed at supporting projects for development of national biometric technologies. Rostelecom and NSPK intend to conduct research and testing in security of the use of biometric technologies in payment services, as well as to develop the biometrics market and stimulate the demand of potential customers. The companies will provide heavy security of joint development and data processed, whose results will be further used in the Unified Biometric System.     

“Yesterday at Finopolis, we made the first biometric payment: we bought a cup of coffee using the Instant Payment System and the Mir card. Neither a smartphone, nor a bank card, nor a QR code was needed for the payment, only the buyer’s face. This is a cutting edge, secure and also a general service that banks can offer their customers. We hope that biometric acquiring will enter the broad market within a year,” said the President of Rostelecom Mikhail Oseevskiy.

“We are keeping abreast of the latest payment trends and taking a very careful approach to such sensitive areas as biometrics. It is very important for us to explore, together with Rostelecom, all possible avenues of potential biometric authentication algorithms, their reliability and applicability to the payment industry,” commented Chief Executive Officer of NSPK Vladimir Komlev.

It is worth reminding that in order to be able to perform purchase transactions using the face biometrics, it is necessary to submit a voice print and a facial image, as well as to link a citizen’s bank account to the Unified Biometric System. For this purpose, one may use the Biometrics mobile application developed by Rostelecom or a bank’s application that supports the function to pay with the face recognition technology. Right after that, a biometric payment function becomes available.   

Rostelecom launched the Unified Biometric System created at the initiative of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation on June 2018. The procedure for registering biometrics has been fully debugged in more than 11 thousand branches of 175 banks throughout Russia.