NSPK: Security Must Be in Line with Real-World Effects where Efficiency and Business Are Tightly Coupled

13 September 2019

According to Artem Gutnik, Head of the Information Security of National Payment Card System (NSPK), security must be in line with real-world effects where efficiency and business are tightly coupled. He expressed this idea at the XVII International Banking Forum “BANKS OF RUSSIA - XXI CENTURE» run by the Association of Regional Banks of Russia.

“The need to use state-of-the art technologies is widely discussed at different platforms as they enable to increase business efficiency and profitability. However, unfortunately, it is forgotten when making many strategic decisions that security is of high importance for business, which, in turn, affects efficiency, profitability and loyalty to the company. Certainly, tomorrow is with technologies, but security must be in line with real-world effects where efficiency and business are tightly coupled,” says Mr. Gutnik.

He also believes that if companies do not pay due attention to security when using state-of-the art technologies, including cloud solutions and open APIs, there is a risk that sensitive data may become publicly available:

“When inventing or implementing something, we often believe that there is no need to think about security as it is so complicated that no one will ever figure it out. Then cloud solutions or open APIs appear, and what was difficult to figure out might become publicly available,” he notes.

He also draws attention to the fact that NSPK always uses state-of-the art technologies and develops various areas of cybersecurity that enable to ensure a high level of information security.

“We understand that we live in the world full of different threats, and we keep our eyes for modern cybersecurity trends that we use to counter today’s threats,” concludes Mr. Gutnik.