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13 November 2018
A Roadmap for Mir and Korti Milli Payment Systems’ integration  and an agreement on cross-system interaction have been signed today in Dushanbe.
01 November 2018
Now holders of Mir cards issued by any bank can withdraw cash and perform Mir card to Mir card payment transactions at ATMs of VTB Bank Belarus.
31 October 2018
In his presentation at the 4th International Conference of Regional Card Schemes & Retail Financial Market Infrastructures in Madrid on October 24-26, Vladimir Komlev, Chief Executive Officer, NSPK (Mir Payment System operator), spoke about Mir inventions.
30 October 2018
The Chief Executive Officer of NSPK (Mir Payment System operator) Vladimir Komlev delivered a speech at the meeting of the Interregional Banking Council under the Federation Council. The meeting was devoted to the issue of ensuring financial stability under the existing risks of external influence on the banking sector.  
27 September 2018
Sberbank of Russia Acceded to MIR Payment System Loyalty Program.
10 September 2018
The share of national payment cards in the Russian market exceeded 17%
07 September 2018
The share of national payment cards in the total issue countrywide is over 17%
31 August 2018
National Payment Card System (Mir Payment System operator) gives an account of how the Russians prepare their children for the new school year. Our people prefer to buy the necessary back-to-school kits in advance spending the best part of money on stationery.
27 June 2018
Vladimir Komlev Told in Singapore about Development of the Russian National Payment System
18 June 2018

National Payment Card System (operator of the MIR Payment System) specified goods and services, which were the most popular with Russian cardholders when preparing for the Russia Day. At this time, there was an increase in purchase interest in river cruises, visits to sports clubs and fitness centers, as well as aquariums and dolphinariums.