Holders of Bashkortostan's Social Cards Performed 4.7 Million Transactions for the Year

14 May 2018

At the end of April, a year passed from the launch of the project "Bashkortostan's Social Card" developed on the basis of the MIR Payment System and implemented in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan and PJSC "BANK URALSIB". National Payment Card System (the operator of the MIR Payment System) summarized the first deliverables of the project.  

It should be recalled that the feature of this card, which is issued by BANK URALSIB, is to support not only the payment function, but also a number of additional non-financial services. In other words, its holders are empowered to pay cashless for goods and services, withdraw cash from any ATM of the country without fees. In addition, the card has a transport application that enables its holders to pay for travel by public transport purchasing a discounted entire social ticket. Beyond that, the card supports a digital signature that enables to remotely sign documents on the Public Services Portal.

From the project launch date, more than 100,000 cards were issued, and 4.7 mln transactions were performed. The majority of transactions were performed in supermarkets and hypermarkets of the region. The share of such purchases accounted for 43%, and the average spend in this category was RUB 377. In addition, the top ten most popular categories among the cardholders were cafes and restaurants – 5%, pharmacies – 5%, filling stations, etc. The highest average spend in the list of the most popular categories was recoded in clothing stores: the cardholders spent on average RUB 1,658, a little less (RUB 1,101) in household stores.

"The Bashkortostan's social card continues to be one of the most important projects implemented on the basis of the MIR card. Its holders heavily use the card in all spheres of life. We observe that the average monthly increase in the number of transactions in 2018 has been 25%, and the card scope of use has expanded significantly. In addition to purchases in groceries, social cards are used for payments at filling stations, in pet stores, hotels, and in many other leisure and recreation areas," states the Press Service of National Payment Card System.

BANK URALSIB holds one of the key positions in the Russian market of bank cards and is ranked among Top-10 issuers of MIR cards, according to Banki.ru. The Republic residents can apply for this social card in any branch of BANK URALSIB and in multiservice centers (MFCs) of the Republic along with applications for social benefits, e.g., pension benefits, allowances, etc.