39% of Russians Preferred Trips to the Country to Overseas Trips on May Holidays

11 May 2018

According to the survey performed by MARC against the NSPK order before May holidays, only 7% of Russians were planning to spend the holidays on a tour of Europe or going to the sea. The NSPK's internal statistics demonstrate that purchases of air and railway tickets with bank cards, in fact, were not included in the list of dynamically growing commodities in 2018, giving way to purchases in gardening, DIY and tourist stores.   

According to the survey, 26% of the Russian respondents stayed at home. Furthermore, 23% of Muscovites decided to spend a long weekend at home.

Another 22% of Russians were going for a picnic, and 17% of the respondents preferred to go to the country.    Residents of small towns more often go for picnics than others (30%). However, 20% of Muscovites and 17% of residents of other metropolises decided to go to the country. In particular, residents of the Northwestern and Southern Federal Districts (44% and 45%, respectively) preferred to go to the country.

The NSPK's bank card statistics from March 5 to April 30 demonstrate that Russians were interested in active and productive rest. 36% of the gross share of dynamically growing commodities was accounted for construction materials in the period of preparation for the May Day. Cardholders from Russia spent on average RUB 2,223 in stores of this sector in 2018 before the holidays. Gardening stores took the second place (29%, the average spend was RUB 2,437). Sports and sportswear stores took the third place in top three in the list of dynamically growing commodities in that period (26%, the average spend was RUB 2,814).

It is interesting to note that on May holidays 2017, garden products were more popular with cardholders.    They accounted for 42% of the total number of dynamically growing commodities in the specified period. In 2018, cashless transactions in sports stores increased by 40%, in stores selling and maintaining bicycles – by 34%, and in motorcycle stores – by 13%.


Despite the difference in plans for the holidays, Russian cardholders began to prepare for the May Day from mid-April: a sharp increase in consumer activity fell on the week April 9-15. The next rise in the number of cashless transactions was at the end of the month, from April 23.